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El Avion hot smoked paprika 75g tin

The best crops of paprika (pimentón) are found in Northern Extremadura, where the soil, climate and precipitation are ideal for many varierties of the sweet bell peppers that have been cultivated since Christopher Columbus brought the first ones back from his second voyage to America. The peppers are harvested by hand in September and smoke-dried over slow-burning oakwood for about two weeks. The smoked peppers are then sent to a mill where the stalks and the unwanted part of the core is removed, and then ground by electronically operated stone wheels, with care taken not to overheat the powder and taint the pure flavour and colour. The hot paprika is most famously used in spicy chorizo (picante), but has many culinary uses in everyday cooking for those who like extra bite: for example, with tomato sauces, soups and casseroles, or sprinkled onto chicken before roasting, and in paellas


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