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Goya Moscatel

This charming old winery is located in the small, thriving market town of Corella, specializes in the production of Moscatel, and makes some of the finest examples to be found in Spain, using the delicate fine-grain Moscatel (Muscat Blanc à Petits Grains) grown on its family owned 42 hectares. Founded in 1856 by Don Camilo Castilla y Alzugaray, this is the oldest winery in Navarra and, oddly but most appealingly, was built in a distinctly Andalusian style – in white, hacienda-style, with a myriad of charming sun-lit patios; and truly it is an Aladdin's cave of light, sweet wines. Wine production is the realm of laid-back but perfectionist Ladislao Montiel (Ladis), who is one of Spain’s master craftsmen of dessert wines.

Tasting Notes

Clean aromas with connotations of mature and crystallised fruit staying sweet light and persistent.

2010 International Wine Challenge - Silver Medal

100% Moscatel

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