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Jamon Iberico de Bellota (off the bone) Aprox 4.5Kg

Made from Iberian pigs which have grazed and foraged during their finishing period of several months in the dehesa – a type of pasture found only in Spain characterised by open woodlands of cork and holm oaks. The period of time spent in the dehesa is known as the montanera. It is the pigs' diet of acorns (bellota) from these trees that leads to the distinctive flavour and texture of Jamon Iberico de Bellota. The meat ranges in colour from rosy pink to purplish red. The texture is soft, with fat that is lustrous, fluid and soft to the touch. This fat is high in mono-unsaturates and known to hold positive health benefits because of its role in reducing cholesterol. Jamon Iberico makes up only about 5% of all jamon production in Spain. The curing and maturation period is typically between two and three years, resulting in the most highly prized, and most expensive of Iberian hams.

About Iberian Ham

Our hams (jamones) are produced by carefully selected suppliers located in Guijuelo, in the area of Castilla y Leon. This area is world famous for the production of finest quality hams and dry-cured sausage (embutidos), and carries the prestigious Denomination of Origin Guijelo mark, which is applied to qualifying jamones and embutidos made there.

Iberian ham comes from the ancient breed of Iberian black-footed ("pata negra") pigs, and Serrano ham from white pigs or "blancos".

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