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» Spanish Hams (jamones) » Jamon Iberico Recebo (off the bone) Aprox 4.5Kg

Jamon Iberico Recebo (off the bone) Aprox 4.5Kg

Made from Iberian Pigs which have fed on an approved diet of cereals and vegetables, supplemented with acorns during the finishing period. The curing and maturation process is similar to that for bellota hams.

About Iberian Ham

Our hams (jamones) are produced by carefully selected suppliers located in Guijuelo, in the area of Castilla y Leon. This area is world famous for the production of finest quality hams and dry-cured sausage (embutidos), and carries the prestigious Denomination of Origin Guijelo mark, which is applied to qualifying jamones and embutidos made there.

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