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Serrano Ham (off the bone) Aprox 5Kg

Made from white pigs using similar curing and drying processes to Ibericos, though usually with shorter maturation periods. Although much less expensive than Iberico jamon, this is an excellent product in its own right – and quite different in its taste, colour and texture characteristics.

How Jamon is Made

The making of top quality jamon is a long and slow process, influenced greatly by the microclimate in the area of production. The skills and experience of the producers are often passed on from father to son, and many families have been involved in the industry for several generations.

The process has four main stages:

  • Salting and washing
    The hams are covered with coarse sea salt for between one and two weeks, depending on weight. This process takes place in a cold room (between 1 and 5C) Once salted for the correct period, the hams are washed to remove salt crystals from the surface.
  • Resting period
    The washed hams are hung in a cool room for between 30 and 60 days during which time the salt penetrates the meat fully and uniformly.
  • Drying and maturation
    The hams are moved to a “secadero” or drying room, in which temperature and humidity are carefully controlled through natural ventilation, which allows the dry mountain air to circulate around the hanging hams.
  • Cellaring
    The hams are hung in a bodega (usually underground) where, in conditions of optimum temperature and humidity, the subtle flavours and aromas develop to their full potential during a period of between six and thirty months.
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